Dirty Jeans & Horse Hair

That’s me, dirty jeans and horse hair! Horses, dogs, gardening, hiking, camping, fishing, sunsets!  I grew up in the suburbs on the edge of town.  Looking back, every time I have moved, I can say the same thing about my space!  In the suburbs on the edge of town.  When I was a kid, all I wanted was a horse.  I had an imaginary one (actually many) as far back as I can remember.  My non-horsey parents took a chance and got my sister and I our first horse more than 40 years ago, after we proved our interest by taking English riding lessons and working at the stable on the weekends.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  I truly feel that horses are spiritual creatures that are connected to us to our very core in ways we still can’t understand. They know we humans.  Better than we know ourselves.

When I lived in the fertile valleys of California, I had an extensive garden, including fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. I did a lot of canning, baking and sharing my harvest.  Having moved to the high desert, this is a much bigger challenge, with hot dry summers, and cold snowy winters.  Spring consists of 2 weeks of invasive cheat grass!!  I am working on learning more about how to grow things in this climate.

I have spent the last 30+ years in the corporate world, in positions such as Purchasing Manager and Contracts Manager, as well as Customer Service, Sales and Warehouse Manager in a variety of Industries.  I love helping people and my biggest successes were when I could help companies promote their product when I had an emotional stake in it.

I am at a point in my life where I need to simplify, and focus on things that really matter to me.  I set this page up to share my adventures and my challenges. I have two little dogs, Ranger and Doodle who are quite adventurous themselves.  You can see some of our doggie stories at http://www.doodlethepoodle.com .

My Hubby, Jeston is getting his pilot’s license and we are looking forward to sharing many aerial adventures as well in the future!

Well, I’ve sort of just skimmed the surface here!   There is a lot more to come!   Stay tuned and thanks in advance for checking in now and then.  Let me know what you think on the feedback form below.  I would love to hear from you!!

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