Doodle the Poodle

Hi! I’m Doodle the Poodle!

I was rescued from a cage with a lot of other dogs a long time ago.  My rescuer took me to a house in the woods and loved and cared for me.  She spoiled me, as it should be. In turn I helped her to be comfortable, snuggling with her and licking her hands. Whenever I heard noises in the woods, or squirrels jumping on the deck, I barked loud so she would know about the intruders!

She took me for walks in the woods every day. She never needed a leash because she knew I would never leave her.  I always went wherever I wanted to, but not out of sight of the house without my rescuer. There were many wild things in the woods.

One day, someone else came and stayed with us, and started taking me for walks in the woods. She had another dog too, and it was fun to run and play together in the woods. My rescuer was there when I came home.

One day my rescuer fell down.  We were locked in the bedroom for a long time.  Lots of people came to the house.  When I came out of the bedroom she was gone.  I looked for her for a long long time, but I could not find her.

Now I live in another house, with a nice man and lady, and a crabby dog.  Sometimes he plays with me.  The lady takes me for walks every day in the desert.  I miss the forest, but she takes me there sometimes.  I don’t understand why I cant just go where I want to any more.  There are fences and leashes that are part of my life now.  There are a lot more people and commotion here.  But the lady loves me, gives me cookies and she takes care of me.  And I snuggle with her and lick her hands.  I bark loud to let her know about intruders.

Hopefully we will go to the forest soon!


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